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Business Planning

Running a successful practice doesn’t happen unless the practice team and owner are all working towards the same goals and vision. As such it is important that this vision is documented in the form of a business plan.

Within this plan, you will be able to clearly identify your goals and vision, identify risks and opportunities and how you can maximise your business potential.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RACGP) have developed a suite of modules to support general practices:

Module 1 - Becoming an owner of a general practice

Module 2 - Your practice premises

Module 3 - Marketing your practice

Module 4 - Your practice finances

Module 5 - Your practice team

Module 6 - Closing, relocating, merging and selling your practice

Business Management Resources

Moving Premises or Change of Business Checklist

Financial Goals

Understanding your financial goals with the support of a professional can set you on the right track with the design of your practice.

A billing calculator can support how your practice billing will help you map out how your consultations are set up, number of staff and how they work.

Australian Practice Nurse Association (APNA) have nurse clinic resources that can be used to assist in the planning of a nurse clinic and how it financially impacts your practice.

APNA Nurse Clinic Budget Module

APNA Building Blocks – Explaining the essential elements of a nurse led clinic

Human Resource Management

General Practice resources

General Practitioner Orientation (PDF 187KB)

Induction Program Practice Manager (PDF 259KB)

Business Management Fact Sheet (PDF 135KB)

Position Descriptions

Position Description - Medical Receptionist (PDF 166KB)

Position Description - Nurse Practitioner (PDF 177KB)

Position Description - Practice Manager (PDF 130KB)