Evusheld prescribing

You may be aware that the scope of Evusheld has been widened and General Practitioners are now eligible to prescribe and administer Evusheld for COVID-19.

Tixagevimab and cilgavimab (Evusheld™) is a pre-exposure prophylactic medication available to prevent COVID-19. Evusheld is now available in selected community and hospital pharmacies for prescribing by GPs and Non-GP specialists and will be dispensed free of charge to patients.

A ‘request to Access Formmust be completed and provided to the patient with the prescription in order for them to be dispensed Evusheld by a pharmacist

Please see the prescriber guide which will assist you in decision making and consideration for the use of Evusheld for your patients.

A pharmacy helpline has been launched to support PBS prescribers in the prescription of oral anti virals. The helpline can also be used for tixagevimab and cilgavimab (Evusheld™) prescribing enquiries.The helpline is staffed by Alfred Health pharmacists experienced in the prescription of COVID-19 early therapies and Evusheld™. It is intended for use by Victorian PBS prescribers such as GPs and nurse practitioners.

Helpline: 03 8290 3801 - 7 days a week, 8-5pm

Further information WVPHN COVID-19 response

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