Demystifying Dementia

Demystifying Dementia: A Stepwise Approach to Diagnosing and Initiating Post Diagnostic Care

Face Dementia, an evidence-based program supporting GPs, Practice Nurses and general practices to improve detection, assessment and management of dementia.
CPD approved training*, and a whole-of-practice toolkit and be part of a geriatrician-supported community of practice. Registrations open!

Round one starts 8 February

Round two starts 30 April


COVID-19 Response

For information on managing the current COVID-19 outbreak as well as administering COVID-19 vaccines across our region

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Welcome to Practice Connect

Practice Connect and our team of Practice Facilitators are here to provide support to general practices in western Victoria by supporting your team to improve the health and wellbeing of people you are caring for. We do this by enhancing sustainability, viability and supporting improved patient outcomes through continuous quality improvement. 

Our Practice Connect tool kits provide a comprehensive range of materials to improve all aspects of running and managing a general practice. We also provide additional support by visiting your practice, over the phone or via email. Our service is provided free-of-charge to all general practices across the Western Victoria PHN region.

We will also support you and your team on various aspects of practice management including optimising the Medical Benefits Schedule, preparing for accreditation, digital health, Practice Incentive Program – Quality Improvement and more.

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