About HealthPathways

HealthPathways is a web-based information portal providing locally agreed, evidence-based clinical guidelines and referral pathways designed to support primary health care providers, in particular General Practitioners, in the assessment, management and referral of patients.

The site is designed to be used during a consultation, and includes over 850 pages with information on:

  • How to assess and manage a range of symptoms and conditions
  • How to refer patients to local specialists and services in the timeliest manner
  • Reference materials
  • Educational resources
  • Patient resources

HealthPathways is a dynamic website with new pathways constantly under development and existing pathways regularly reviewed by local GPs and specialists to ensure they remain aligned with best practice, relevant to the local context.

The site covers topics including paediatrics, mental health, addiction medicine, women’s health, covid-19 and numerous other medical and surgical specialist areas. Information on care for specific populations such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, rural communities and people identifying as LGBTIQA+ is also available.

Why use HealthPathways

HealthPathways is designed for practitioners to use during a consultation.

  • Each pathway provides condition-specific information to support the assessment, management and referral of patients.
  • Useful clinical reminders of ‘red flags’ for specific presentations are highlighted
  • New and updated information is regularly added to the portal.
  • Pathways also include information for practitioners to provide to patients including reference materials and educational resources.
  • HealthPathways promotes closer relationships between general practitioners, allied health professionals, specialists and relevant community agencies to help deliver a more connected health system.

Watch Dr Amy Litras talk you through the site below.

Who can use HealthPathways?

GPs, health professionals and key primary care staff within the Western Victoria region can access HealthPathways. The portal is not designed to be used by the general public and can only be accessed by using a secure login and password.  There is no cost to access.

Access HealthPathways

For login details and further information email:

The site can be accessed here