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Population Health Network: COVID and Communicable Diseases sessions 2023

Series 11 - Learning outcomes:

Discuss emerging models of primary care with a focus on:

Communicable disease prevention
Communicable disease screening, assessment and management
Evaluation of respiratory symptoms and fevers
Continuing care provision


Opportunity to review and discuss policy and guidelines in practice

Consider real-world experiences of implementing new care models in different settings
Build knowledge about current resources, supports & referral pathways
Engage in a community of practice and rapid learning network


Series 12 - Learning outcomes:

Describe the prevalence of STIs in the Western Victoria region and needs of people at risk of and living with STIs along the continuum
Describe the role of primary care in STI policy implementation and discuss service barriers and enablers in regional Victoria
Describe how to use the Polar GP data extraction tool to analyse routinely collected patient data
Contribute to the development of a quality improvement plan used in primary care to bridge care gaps for people living with STIs
Review and discuss emerging COVID-19 pandemic information relevant to general practice