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Originating in March 2020, the Population Health ECHO initiative began with a call to action to move and manage knowledge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially dubbed “COVID ECHO", this community of practice was pivotal in adapting and creating new knowledge and practice in response to the constantly changing landscape of the pandemic crisis. In recognition of the value of this robust initiative, we expanded our focus in late 2022 to encompass a broader range of healthcare issues, ensuring a continuous forum for professional development and dialogue to tackle ongoing and emerging health and workforce issues.

Aims and objectives of this Series
Throughout this series, we will continue to examine our work at the individual, practice, and population levels in alignment with the quintuple aim of healthcare. This aim encompasses providing care that is not only better for patients and providers but also benefits the larger population while addressing equity and value.
Expanding our vision, Pop Health ECHO will introduce a sixth objective to our aims: emphasizing care that is beneficial for our planet. This series will delve into the critical role of primary care in minimizing the healthcare sector's carbon footprint through evidence-based, high-value prevention initiatives across primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, as well as through accessible and digital population health-focused care (1,2).