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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health outcomes, life expectancy and access to health care should be equal to that experienced by other Australians. 

The goal of WVPHN is to support general practices to deliver health care services that can improve Aboriginal peoples’ experience and access to quality primary health care services. 

Underpinning this goal is the accurate collection of identification status information from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients to help governments and GPs apply the data to plan services that align with patient needs; this is particularly critical as GPs endeavor to deliver good clinical practice, achieved by Asking the Question and to know if a First Nations person is in their practice so as to make the best medical screening choices for the early detection of conditions common to First Nations People and associated referrals choices.

Download resource: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Change Ideas (PDF 108KB)

Plan Do Study Act (PDSA)

Improve recording of First Nations status in Clinical Software (docx 274KB)

Improve Cultural awareness of practice staff (docx 275KB)

Increase the number of 715 Health Assessments (docx 277KB)

Increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters for First Nations Peoples (docx 273KB)

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