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Western Victorian communities are culturally and linguistically diverse and CALD populations appear to be growing. We need health services and health professionals who can deliver culturally responsive and equitable services, to ensure the whole population receives quality healthcare.

Research suggests that providing culturally responsive health care has the potential to lead to improved:

  • access and equity for all groups in the population
  • consumer ‘health literacy’ and reduced delays in seeking health care and treatment
  • consumer/patient satisfaction with health care
  • patient safety and quality assurance
  • public image of health providers
  • business practice and better use of resources (Stewart, 2006).

Change Ideas

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Change Ideas (PDF 107KB)

Plan Do Study Act (PDSA)

Establish culturally appropriate services to Increase refugee assessments  (docx 276KB)

Other Related Resources

Practice Resources

Refugee and Asylum Seekers Health for General Practices PDF 596KB

A document to assist primary care providers, namely general practices to increase number of health assessments provided to refugees and asylum seekers.

Refugee Health – Demonstrating access to multilingual resources (a swim lane chart) PDF 51.7KB

A swim lane chart for general practices’ roles and responsibilities in demonstrating availability of or access to multilingual resources in relevant languages.

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health – a welcoming environment PDF 65.7KB

A visual swim lane chart to support defining roles and responsibilities in general practice to create a welcoming environment for refugee and asylum seekers.

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health: Utilising Accredited Interpreters PDF 74.3KB

These recommendations for quality improvement are taken from Victorian Refugee Health Network and adapted into a visual swim lane chart to support defining roles and responsibilities in general practice.


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