PHN Exchange

The PHN Exchange is an innovative population health knowledge management system that’s designed to support, influence and improve health outcomes. Gathering data from multiple sources, PHN Exchange presents a customisable view for health providers to use in a multitude of ways.

Within the PHN Exchange, your practice will have access to the GP Data report. A tailored report for each practice and displays practice trends and regional and catchment-wide comparisons, so GPs can make informed decisions about their patients, workforce and practice.

GP Hub

General Practices have access to several features within the PHN Exchange that have been organised into a dashboard named the GP Hub.

The GP Hub also contains helpful information to assist a practice in data quality such as their last data extract date and the last time they have reviewed their Practice Profile.

Contact the Practice Facilitator Help Desk to arrange access to the GP Hub.

Purpose of the GP Data Report

  • Provides trend over time and benchmarking against your peers within the WVPHN Catchment, the benchmark is calculated from the average of all participating practices.
  • Provides a tool to assist the practice to undertake data analysis and evidence-based quality improvement activities.
  • Supports partnership between your practice and WVPHN, by providing a common suite of reports.

The areas included in your practice’s data report are:

  • Practice Snapshot
  • PIP QI
  • PIP QI Supplement
  • Demographic Profile
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Profile
  • Data Quality Trend
  • Mental Health Trend (GP MHTP)
  • Health Assessments Trend
  • Screening Trend
  • Diabetes Trend
  • Coronary Heart Disease Trend
  • Respiratory Trend
  • Demographic Breakdown
  • Disease Prevalence
  • MBS Item services - Past 12 months
  • Immunisation

Fig: An example of how the PIP QI data appears in the Data Report