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General Practitioners - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Triennium 2023-2025

Western Victoria Primary Health Network (WVPHN) assisting you to meet your CPD needs 

Our Workforce Development team provides you with a range of education opportunities for GP's:

  • Project ECHO
  • Online webinars
  • On demand recorded webinars
  • Annual Primary Care Conference

CPD activity types

With our GP Clinical Advisors, WVPHN designs an annual education program tailored to the meet the needs of our GPs, the local patient population and our health system. As an accredited CPD provider, you can rely on us to provide high-quality education that meets the requirements of the colleges.

We are working very closely with the Practice Facilitation team to develop Quality Improvement activities that will sit alongside our CPD offerings. This will allow you to work independently, or with other members of your practice, to complete Measuring Outcomes and Reviewing Performance activities.


Annual CPD minimum requirements for General Practitioners

Your 50 hours of CPD per calendar year must be made up of a minimum number of hours in each of the 3 activity types:

  1. Educational Activities (EA) 12.5 hours
  2. Reviewing Performance (RP)
  3. Measuring Outcomes (MO)

The upper left quadrant shows that 12.5 hours must come from Educational Activities.

The right half shows that 25 hours must come from a combination of Reviewing Performance and Measuring Outcomes activities, with a minimum of 5 hours allocated to each type.

The remaining 12 and a half hours can be made up by any of the three activity types.

See below a few examples of completing your annual CPD requirements with WVPHN.

Image credit: Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, RACGP

Annual CPD requirements examples

Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes - ECHO

  • ECHO Peer Group Learning - 4 cycles per year - 20 hours
  • (exclude school holidays)
  • 20 Reviewing Performance hours

ECHO + Quality Improvement + other

Reviewing Performance activities 

  • ECHO Peer Group - 4 cycles /year - 20 hours (exclude school holidays)

Combination of WVPHN education activities:

  • Primary Care Conference
  • Emergency Skills training
  • Town Halls
  • Webinars
  • Workshop

Measuring Outcomes activity

  • Quality Improvement activity -  PDSA -  5 hours

Peer Group Learning + Quality Improvement + other

Reviewing Performance activity

  • Special Interest Group, SIG - 8 hours monthly meetings (exclude school holidays)
  • Measuring Outcomes activity - QI activity  5 hrs

Combination of WVPHN education activities:

  • Primary Care Conference
  • Emergency Skills training
  • Town Halls
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
Echo wheel C2

Upcoming education opportunities

Stay up to date with our latest education and events by visiting our website, subscribing to our Westvic News and Practice Connect Communique. 

What’s ECHO all about video

Upcoming ECHO Networks

CPD in 2023 and Beyond with the RACGP – Your CPD Home Webinar



Workforce Strategy

The Western Victoria PHN Workforce Strategy 2023-2025 has been developed with the vision of building a sustainable primary care workforce in western Victoria.  View the Workforce Strategy and further information here. 

The Workforce Development team are working towards providing a comprehensive schedule of education events to support the current challenges of our western Victoria clinicians.  If you require support or would like to suggest a topic please email the team via this form.


Email Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Workforce Development team may be able to assist you with your CPD query, or if you have a workforce education suggestion email the team via this form.

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